The Culture of Master-Craftsmanship


ADMCi guides businesses to achieve remarkable results in product, service, and experience design through an ethos of master-craftsmanship. We are doing so by establishing a non-profit foundation that supports research through Commissions and education through our School for Digital Craftsmanship.

In the News

We're always pleased when we get recognized by the press for our innovative work in education and business. Here are just some of the stories we've particularly enjoyed.

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Two-part Series on the ADMCi Business Model

David Weinberg, staff reporter with American Public Media's Marketplace, put together a feature story on ADMCi that spanned two days and topped the news outlet's most popular stories for over a week, out-performing typical top stories 3-to-1. Having reached 11M+ listeners after airing on NPR affiliates nationally, the response has been overwhelming. In particular, passionate encouragement has compounded our own energy for elevating master-craftsmanship across the board. Here's just a taste of these incredibly kind words.

And, if you'd like to read the story from APM, dig in...


Design Shines At BuiltInChicago's D-Conf

"Design is the new competitive advantage. That’s the thesis upon which has built its D-Conf series, the first of which I covered last year. They call design the act of “placing customers at the center of your innovation process,” or user-centric design.  Organizations that build around this new “earth-revolves-around-the-customer” model of the universe will thrive in an era when user expectations of products and services are at an all-time high.   BuiltInChicago brought together a team of experts to discuss the process of designing great products for real people." more.

--Kelly Reid


Put This On Your Radar, Career-Shifters: ADMCi

"Last week, I had an impromptu chat with Jacoby about ADMCi and its goals of better connecting with people, and in that pursuit, Jacoby says he also wants to include people who are eyeing a career pivot..." more

--David Wolinsky, INC.WELL

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From craftsmanship to coding, Jacoby brings user-centered design philosophy to St. Louis


"The latest thing Jacoby has designed is a better way to learn about designing things. The School for Digital Craftsmanship, which graduated its first class this summer, specializes in the art of user-centered design, also known as user-experience design, or UX..." more

--David Baugher, special to the Beacon

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What Digital Designers Can Learn from a Master Motorcycle Builder

"If you’re designing a motorcycle and you do a bad job, it could mean life or death for the person who ends up riding it. The stakes aren’t quite as high when you’re designing websites and smartphone apps. But Jim Jacoby, the founder of the Chicago-based interactive design group Manifest Digital, thinks digital designers could learn a good deal from the expert builders whose life work is honing their craft. Jacoby’s new venture, the American Design and Master-Craft Initiative (ADMCi), aims to identify the traits and techniques possessed by master craftspeople in all disciplines, in hopes of bringing some of those qualities to the digital design world..." more

--Kyle Vanhemert

Susan Weinschenk, Author; Lecturer

Susan Weinschenk, Author; Lecturer

Designing Education with the Experts

Susan sat down with us just as our program was getting underway to discuss our approach to education in the design space. In particular, educating designers on business and business people on design. Even as our program matures the conversation remains bright and relevant.