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ADMCi guides businesses to achieve remarkable results in product, service, and experience design through an ethos of master-craftsmanship. We are doing so by establishing a non-profit foundation that supports research through Commissions and education through our School for Digital Craftsmanship.

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Hosted by Jim Jacoby and Jim Cohen, recognized experts in user-centered design, design thinking, and deep brand. Recorded live every Wednesday between 9a-11a CST. Published every Tuesday here at 10a CST.

Conversations that matter...

Design in the Moment explores our ability to design the world around us -- at every level -- and the obligations inherent in that power. 'Designers' have traditionally just made things beautiful. But that's no longer the case. We are all inheriting the need for and responsibility to design.

The term has finally evolved to include what we could call the 'Latin root language of design' born of a rapidly emerging profession. These are the user-centered designers -- those who design for the intersection of technology and the human experience.

As we realize that business markets can now be designed, that businesses can shift context overnight, that newcomers can unseat century-old veterans... we realize that design is a tool for positive disruption (or positive nuisance).

In these podcasts, we take on the exploration of designing for the human condition. And, if we're designing for the human condition, what are the human elements we're really manipulating? 

Through a series of incredibly compelling conversations with an eclectic and profound group of people, we're finding our way toward a new set of answers.

Jim Jacoby and Jim Cohen host Design in the MomentGuests share their views and join the discussions, drawing from their own experiences and personal points of view. The dialogue is candid, conversational and unscripted.



Frequent guest host  Dean Debiase  discusses Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Frequent guest host Dean Debiase discusses Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


Music by Peter Himmelman 

Recording and editing by Shirk Studios 

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