The Culture of Master-Craftsmanship


ADMCi guides businesses to achieve remarkable results in product, service, and experience design through an ethos of master-craftsmanship. We are doing so by establishing a non-profit foundation that supports research through Commissions and education through our School for Digital Craftsmanship.


We are honored to count these amazing leaders among our advisors... and friends. We are plowing new ground and the diverse perspectives and amazing successes these professionals bring ensure we not only invent an educational model that's never been seen before, but one that is guaranteed to succeed.

Business Advisors

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Dean Debiase - Chairman, Advisory Board

Dean is an expansion-phase CEO with a track record scaling emerging growth companies, rebooting organizations and embedding entrepreneurial-grade talent into multi-national corporations in Chief Executive, Chairman and lead director roles. As the chair of our advisory board, Dean oversees our strategic integration with multi-national businesses, strategic relationships with key executives, and strategic financial introductions. Dean previously built leading brands in media, advertising, so/lo/mo commerce, analytics/insights, games/entertainment, retail & distribution, cloud computing, cybersecurity, consumer electronics, education, Cable TV and Internet services industries.

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Steven Collens - Business Advisor

Steve plays key roles in executive networking, corporate strategy, and educational programming. With life-long experience in the education market, Steve has been instrumental in establishing ADMCi's early wins and ensuring that the momentum generated is self-sustaining. Deeply embedded in the entrepreneurial community in Chicago and nationally, his 'day-job' is Senior Vice President at Pritzker Group. Our successful establishment at Chicago's premier co-working space, 1871, is key among Steve's many valuable contributions.

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PJ Bickett - Business Advisor

PJ is a transformative leader in digital, experience design, and publishing. He has earned a reputation for being a fierce operator, constantly-on innovator, relentless entrepreneur, and proud mentor. He has either built and sold or acquired, rebranded and sold companies in entertainment, publishing and education. PJ negotiated the first direct-to-digital content deal with Amazon Kindle and has garnered industry awards recognizing these efforts. Today, PJ is helping guide the intellectual property strategies for ADMCi, primarily related to its broader efforts in Commission and Foundation work.

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Industry Advisors


Raman Chada - Education Industry Advisor

Raman's deep understanding of what is meaningful to entrepreneurs and startups results in the design of innovative educational programs that are practical, relevant, provocative, and challenging. His strong beliefs and convictions on entrepreneurship education, adult learning, leadership development, and business modeling, drive his constant desire to improve our industry.

Formerly the head of DePaul's entrepreneurship center, he continues as a Clinical Professor there. Meanwhile, Raman is Founder and Dean of his own school, The Junto Institute, focusing on growth-stage entrepreneurs becoming stronger leaders to build stronger businesses.

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Eric Davis - Education Industry Advisor

Eric brings 15+ years experience in entrepreneurialism, education, and non-profit endeavors. His greatest strengths are in the areas of vision, strategy, team-building, and program innovation. He has founded, served as Executive Director, and consulted for numerous organizations ranging from start-up non-profits to multi-million dollar institutions.

His particular contribution to ADMCi's School for Digital Craftsmanship is in driving our pedagogy. The proven learning method we employ is based directly on the experience and advice Eric offers on a weekly basis. We are currently piloting a high-school-level curriculum based on his insights and in partnership with The Global Citizenship Experience (GCE) as a result.

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Mike Dwyer - Employment Industry Advisor

Mike's career balances cutting-edge recruitment strategies with emergent social media methods. Clearly at the forefront of the industry, he has had his hand in some of the most innovative networking, relationship-building, and technology-supported applications in both fields. He has worked in the entrepreneurial space and the multi-national enterprise environment. Most recently, he co-founded Que Social, a breakthrough technology platform for strengthening employee relationships both inside and outside the enterprise. Today, Mike is leading a staffing organization within Aquent's Vitamin-T division where he utilizes the Digital Craftsmanship offering as a differentiator in building new relationships and expanding established networks.

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