The Culture of Master-Craftsmanship


ADMCi guides businesses to achieve remarkable results in product, service, and experience design through an ethos of master-craftsmanship. We are doing so by establishing a non-profit foundation that supports research through Commissions and education through our School for Digital Craftsmanship.

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ADMCi upholds standards of excellence for master-craftsmanship in a 21st century context. We're empowering business professionals to design the world around them with an inherent understanding of the obligation and pride that power brings. We are comprised of... 

Featured: Marketplace on NPR

Check out our recent two-part story on American Public Media's Marketplace, which recently aired on NPR to over 11M listeners nationally.

Staff reporter David Weinberg masterfully weaves the tale of our audacious goals, bold research initiatives, and immediately applicable education offerings.

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The School

The School teaches core principles in user-centered design and design-thinking as the ‘latin root language’ of all great design. Master-practitioners transfer their knowledge from traditional fields to digital programs to strengthen a through-line across centuries of design insight and human interest. Programs are designed for executives, managers, technologists, and practitioners. Learning is delivered online, onsite, and in collaboration with partners.


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The Commissions

JT Nesbitt exemplifies master craftsmanship as our inaugural Commission recipient. Explore more of the Bienville Legacy project and what it's teaching us...

The Commissions curate, oversee, and promote select master-craftsmen at the top of their game. Elite participants in this program dedicate their time at-cost to produce their career magnum opus. Taking on a profound object, challenging an industry, and advancing a philosophy start the process. A commissioned project is not obligated to become scalable or manufactured; however, experience reveals that patents, intellectual property, bills of material, and the like do result and can be cultivated for monetary reward in the broader ecosystem.

The Foundation

The Foundation accepts grants and donations from associations, family offices and the like who seek to put their investments to work in a sustainable master-craft ecosystem. We promote master-craftsmanship through the assets created by the Commissions, School, and partnered relationships. As a non-profit, the Foundation receives a percentage of the revenue generated by its for-profit initiatives.

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